"Real quick hit" refuses Harmony Warner to sue Australian rating agencies

(Compilation/Sky White) to say what shocking news last week, it is no doubt that the Australian rating agencies in the crisp and the blood of the case, refused to the much-anticipated "real quick hit" to the plate rating things.  For Australia, the lack of a rating means that the game will not be published in Australia, the Australian players have expressed disappointment and anger. It is reported that Australia's rating agencies "Australia classification Review Committee" does not give video games to set up an adult-level rating (18+), when the content of a game is considered to exceed the 15+ level, the Australian rating agencies will ...

Suzhou Snail CEO Sihai: Online Games "chew bones and teeth"

He Tianxian just opened the tenth session of the ChinaJoy game show, the situation of the online gaming industry is not as optimistic as expected. Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "snail Company") CEO Sihai analogy: "Compared to the past ' Montreal is meat ' online games market, now has only bone, to spell teeth." "China Game Industry Report", published by Chinese Zhing Game Working Group and international Data Company, shows that the first half of the client's net income was 19.73 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5% per cent, and the dominant type of MMORPG, which was only 7.

Guild Wars 2 new race Norn exhibitors Pax site will be demo

The latest news from March 2, according to the latest official news, Norn will appear at this year's Pax exhibition, will have 20 machines pre-installed trial version of Guild Wars 2. MMORPG.com's lead author, Bill Murphy, has expressed some ideas: "In many ways, Norn reminds me of Arnold's Conan, The Savage, the shadowy, the Vandals." We did not detract from his meaning. If a person is determined and stubborn, then they are usually desperate for success, sometimes even a little ruthless. They...

Hero Academy opens China Theatre server has moved to domestic

July 27 News, the travel path Easy CEO Henry and Robot Entertaiment CEO Patrick United Public "hero Academy" China Theater Edition, after the launch, the Cruise Road easy CEO Henry and Robot Entertaiment CEO Patrick received a media interview.  In the interview, Travel Lane Easy CEO Henry said the foreign super popular iOS strategy against the game officially through the cruise road easy access to the Chinese market, the game's server has moved to the country. Reporter: Foreign ...

EA first quarter net profit 201 million US dollar fell 9%

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time August 1 morning, EA released today the first fiscal year 2013 financial results. The report showed that EA's first quarter net revenue was $955 million, down from $999 million a year earlier, with a net profit of $201 million, down 9% from the 221 million dollar period last year.  EA's first-quarter adjusted net loss was slightly better than Wall Street analysts had expected, boosting its share price by more than 3% per cent. In the quarter ended June 30, EA net profit was $201 million trillion, earning 63 cents a share, less than a year earlier. 2.

Cloud Technology Goodbye Innovation available Web browsers to play a single masterpiece

According to overseas media reports, cloud computing game mode is now more and more powerful competitiveness.  Gaikai, the US cloud computing gaming services company, has launched a game streaming media test platform in 12 countries that allows users to experience the full game without having to install a huge game file. Unlike other cloud computing gaming services, Gaikai allows users to experience a gaming experience directly through a Web browser. With the support of good network conditions, users can now Gaikai on the website of "Quality Effect 2", "Death Space 2", "Spore", "Die ..."

Officially, Diablo 3 is almost complete. Beta is coming

Technically, the Diablo 3 has been developed to commemorate the 20 anniversary of Blizzard's founding, and journalists have been given the opportunity to face face-to-face with the founder of the hugely successful studio. The conversation was interesting, and Mike and Frank Pearce talked about the market trends, the future development of PC games and so on.  While these things are good, the latest news about Diablo 3 attracts the most attention. Asked about the official release date and the final title of the game, the two representatives of the Blizzard Company replied: "... We will make every effort to ensure that the game today ...

"FF14" version 1.16 or postponed will be synchronized to increase the professional set

(Compile/Sky White) to say 2010 years the most disappointing online games, "Final Fantasy 14" can definitely occupy a place. Since the September release has been a lot of players and professional media criticism, a large number of lost players plus the falling share price, so that has always been perceived as a very large se also have to put low posture to ask the media Jews don't scold, and promised to be based on feedback from the player to the game to be recycled. SE's low posture and "FF14" in the recent period of the content of the escalating, so many players on this work satisfaction is slowly increasing. Recently, SE company in the official website ...

FrontierVille implanted Paramount film Zynga's diverse areas

A few days ago, social game developer Zynga announced its "FrontierVille" with the paramount industry, Nickelodeon movies to jointly promote this week's upcoming film "Rango." It was the first time the FrontierVille launched a branding campaign, but it was not Zynga's first foray into the film industry.  It is reported that the cooperation will begin this week, but three companies have not announced the amount of specific cooperation. It is understood that before Zynga has been involved in the film field, and DreamWorks cooperation, "super big ...

Survey shows that hand-play home has reached three points, one of the highest proportion of intelligent machine

(compiled/wendy) according to foreign media reports, casual gaming company PopCap latest survey shows that a considerable proportion of adult mobile phone users are gamers, in fact, in just two years, mobile phones and other mobile devices have surpassed the PC and mainframe as the main gaming equipment, smartphone users are the highest proportion of mobile gaming users. 2425 people took part in the PopCap survey, more than half (52%) said they had played games on mobile devices. Britain is higher than the United States, with 73% and 44%, respectively. About One-third (33.6%) of the two regions.

LG accuses Sony of infringing patent see influence PS3 Europe banned shipments

According to overseas media reports, the Korean electronics company LG of Sony PS3 manufacturers of Blu-ray technology infringement case is now in the latest progress.  According to a decision issued by the Civil court in The Hague in the Netherlands, all PS3 hosts will be detained and placed in the Danish warehouses for at least 10 days in the coming months. At present, Sony is trying to lift the ban, while LG is actively seeking to extend the ban time limit.  LG also has the right to apply for the destruction of these game consoles, but the Guardian says this is unlikely to happen. A spokesman for Sony said in the current situation: "Public ...

Chen: I and many play reservation of netizens, meet mortals to repair fairy biography

February 26 Fast male champion Chen in a famous studio in Beijing, for the endorsement of the network game "mortals to repair Fairy biography" for the image of a fixed makeup shot.  More play special reporter at the scene, and Chen had a pleasant exchange. When Chen learned that the "Mortal Fairy biography" in the number of playing platform on the number of subscribers to reach 260,000 people, it appears very happy and delighted. He said: "I hope his endorsement of the Immortal biography" image, will not let the majority of the players disappointed. And the blessing in more play reservations account players, can play in the game happy, can make more friends with like-minded. When the time is well arranged, it must be ...

Sony sets G.I.R.L scholarship to help female designers succeed

The latest news from March 2, Sony set up a women's game designers scholarship, is intended to encourage and help all female designers to succeed. Recently, SOE announced the launch of the G.I.R.L Scholarship project. The final winners will be chosen from among the applicants and receive a 10,000 dollar bonus as an education grant.  Winners can also get about 10 days of internships in the SOE. "According to recent industry studies, a large majority of gamers are women, and one out of 10 game developers is female," said Laura Naviaux, SOE's global vice president for sales.

Let us see the Chinese online games 2S High-profile debut in New York Times Square

Let us see the Chinese online games 2S High-profile debut in New York Times Square today, online game "Journey 2S," the latest advertising film officially unveiled in the Global financial center-New York Times Square, "The History of" "Laughing Girl" ads officially out of the country, in the world's largest electronic display screen broadcast. It is understood that this may be the giant network to "journey 2S" to create a national level of the first step of the online game, this surprise is attracted 10 of investment banking analysts on the onlookers.  Also let "old beauty" to see the Chinese network game advertising unique charm. It is understood that the "Journey 2S" the latest shape ...

Kowloon City Net loss of $14.9 million in the third quarter $20 million in the fourth quarter

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time March 22 morning, the Nineth City (Nasdaq:ncty) today released the third quarter of the fiscal year ended September 30 and the end of 2011 fiscal Year 2011 as at December 31, without audit earnings. The report showed that in the third quarter of the nine cities, the net loss to ordinary shareholders was 93.7 million yuan (about 14.9 million US dollars), which was 12 million yuan (about 1.9 million USD) and 678% more than the net loss in the second quarter, which was 68.5 million yuan (about 10.9 million USD) from net loss in the same period last year. ...

A discussion on the new idea of different industry cooperation in online games don't think sticking a card is a partnership.

In recent years, including FMCG, automobiles, clothing, it and even many well-known brands of tourism to have a good reputation of the online games extended the olive branch, "World of Warcraft" and Coca-Cola cooperation case of success, it seems to many game manufacturers to seek the cooperation of different industries to play a shot of doping,  When more and more online game manufacturers to join the army of different industry cooperation, and this as a necessary condition for the promotion of online games, we have to say some see a new way of thinking, do not think that affixed a brand called cooperation, different industry cooperation is not so simple, but also need innovative ideas. Recently, a "change" music activities on the scene record ...

Zynga employs over 2800 people to buy office buildings for $200 million

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time March 6 morning, social game developers Zynga plans to spend 228 million of dollars to buy its San Francisco headquarters building. The building area is 670,000 square feet (about 62,000 square meters).  The company has deposited a 25 million-dollar deposit on third party accounts, which is expected to be completed by the end of the second quarter of this year. Zynga moved into the office last year with a total workforce of more than 2800 people. The company currently leases 65% of the building's space and the remainder is leased by other businesses. (PEI)

Lori, Chinese, run. Domestic online games invade the otaku shrine Akihabara

When it comes to Akihabara in Japan, the nature of our minds is the overwhelming high-end electronic products, developed animation game industry, authentic maid style café, full of blood spray Zhang Meng sister.  Yes, this is definitely the world's otaku Paradise, Meng sister's show. However, the magical place where the game otaku and the zombie are fascinated, the quiet of the past by a Chinese "extraterrestrial" break, in recent days, a domestic network, public transit subway broadcast of domestic online advertising film Akihabara electronic screen above, and repeatedly played, in fact, it is estimated that should be repeatedly played! ...

Net profit margin of more than 50% companies in Bokhary

Liang Jinming Graphics Recently, the "It Leadership Summit Forum" of the real estate celebrity Ren Zhiqiang in the interview language is amazing, ridicule IT industry to make money too easy. This language, caused a lot of verbal warfare.  However, as Ren Zhiqiang said, the IT industry's profitability is indeed staggering, especially the controversial concept of online gaming stocks, "suck the gold" ability is beyond doubt. With the annual report, the "Overseas listed Corps" as the main focus of the concept of online gaming stock profitability again caused market concern. Tencent, NetEase, Shanda games, giant network, the perfect world, swimming and many other in the Nasdaq (micro ...)

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