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Beijing time November 27 Morning news, Beijing Zhi Heng Network Technology Co., Ltd. recently officially launched the company's tens of millions of venture capital-"dream-seeking" program.  Chinheng CEO Zhang Zhipeng said that tens of millions of start-up funds-"dream-seeking" is the first step in creating China's original online gaming platform, which is designed to help young entrepreneurs who are creative, talented but not entrepreneurial. The "dream-seeking" birth of the tens of millions of venture capital program, the program our operation team has been conceived for a long time, specifically for student players and willing to engage in the cause of the game. Chinheng hopes to take this opportunity to provide an entrepreneurial opportunity for young people who love the game industry, giving them a platform to show their passion and talent. We want to select young people who really love the game and have the talent to help them achieve the ' game ' entrepreneurial dream.  "Chinheng CEO Zhang Zhipeng The information at the conference of tens of millions of entrepreneurial programs. Mr. Zhang Zhipeng said that Chinheng is a self-developed company, so well aware of the valuable talent.  The current game industry is a lot of fresh blood is self-learning game enthusiasts, most of the first into the game circle when struggling, and even a lot of people who are very fond of the game, determined to make a good game by the pressure of life to leave, this situation is distressing and regret. In fact, many players are interested in the development process of the game, there are many people want to join the game development of the industry, want to make a game of their own mind.  And Chinheng million venture capital-"dream-seeking" program is to allow players to the dream of their hearts into reality. Online recruitment combined with on-site interview, multi-link assessment of the ability of tens of millions of venture capital-"dream-seeking" program is a combination of network recruitment and on-site interview, senior industry professionals for consultants, well-known human resources director as the Examiner, after a lot of competition for multi-level, multi-directional selection, the outstanding 10 contestants will come to Beijing for the final,  Through the evaluation of several games, show their own planning ability. Winners will get investment and full support the ultimate winner will be able to get 30 million of the venture capital investment, and enter the Chi Heng Research and development team. Chinheng for entrepreneurs to provide funds, technology, team replenishment, nationwide promotion and operation of all-round support.  The entrepreneur who participates in the dream-seeking program can be a complete entrepreneurial team, or a planner, programmer or Art designer, and Chinheng can support and ensure the maximum autonomy of the entrepreneurial team even if the ideas of the entrepreneur or the entrepreneurial team have not yet taken shape. Multi-division at the same time, to give more people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams according to Chinheng revealed that "dream-seeking" program will be divided into registration, auditions, the public selection, game challenge, answer game, the final six stages, and divided into three parts at the same time, is the official website division and Media Division Players can focus on the relevant page news, understand the specific events and related issues.
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