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We have not stood upright in China, stand still, never mention ... Today in this version of a post to see such a sentence: "The above is pure nonsense, to see how I" ... After the calculation, it should be 16-17 years old. I remember when I was 15 or 16 years old, it was summer vacation, when I was handing out leaflets on the road, one months and 300 dollars. Get up from 5 o'clock in the morning, sit two-hour car, before 8 point to the trade Center next to the sales company report, and then put the bag full of leaflets, set out ... On foot ... All the way, westward, into the Yongan, to the south, to the double well, to the east, to the four bridge, to the north, to the house ... Meet in the street whether it is hurried 40, 50-year-old aunt, uncle, or in the community courtyard stroll cool 60 years old, 70-year-old grandma, Grandpa .... To present a list, is a community of Tongzhou District, and give them patiently explain how the house how good, how the environment beautiful, how cheap, how convenient transportation-from the community to the city only need 15 minutes away ... Now think about it, this is not a lie? I have never been to this neighborhood .... At that time it must have overestimated the speed of the car, or underestimated the speed of the aircraft, otherwise, the Rockets should only take 8 seconds. There is no breakfast every morning, because there is no time, but also to save money ... Now the stomach is not good, the stomach aches. Noon also no rice, thirsty on foot back to the company to find a paper cup water dispenser, noon still have no rice. 6 o'clock in the afternoon back to the newspaper, and then home at 7 o ' clock, probably 9 o'clock more home, hurriedly wash the bath, eat dinner, but also a day the only meal, like a camel. A full day. Then hurriedly sleep, as if just lie down, the alarm clock rang, 5 o'clock the whole, get up and wash face ready to start again. Every day looking forward to have a lot of customer feedback phone call to the company, so that I can remember a performance ... So hoping, trying. After one months of hard work, the boss was free to squeeze the workers ' surplus value, what this to deduct money, that also want to deduct money, buckle me I one months only got 188 dollars, remove 100 yuan of intermediary fee, 40 yuan monthly ticket (at that time or paper system ticket) ... One months down, only 48 dollars left. ...... In fact, from school, there has been a desire to start a company ... By such a month 48 yuan income experience baptism, deepened to let oneself live better motivation. 99 began to learn music I, 04 finally in Beijing underground music circle, there are some relationships ... I should say there are some nicknames. Also entered a guitar music portal to manage the site, even the Alexa did not hear ... Later learned that, after our efforts, unexpectedly put this website to Alexa 2W more, calculate up, should be this vertical site in the eldest. They all liked B.Eyond, I am also the most obsessed with the song of the family, sounds in the heart always have a fire. So I was in QQ, and a college student in Hubei, together to do a beyond FA forum, what technology do not understand me, he threw a DV6.0, (now know, then do not know what DV more do not know 6.0) only know do find other stations do friendship connection, everywhere hair ads .... Publicity。 Later it was closed because of free space. With his technical help, he made a forum still music, their own promotion, one person management, I am pleased that soon threatened the former and friends of the guitar music station, so immediately was blocked, vilified, and the music circle friends, relations are also terrible. Their station was forced to close, but advertising fees and sales of guitar instruments books, these months, I earned nearly 10,000 yuan ... I know for the first time, the original website can make money. ...... Later, through their own research, know the Dynamic Network Forum system, Leo Forum system. Closed the music forum, and opened a campus, a forum just, because do not understand technology, home also never did. Campus seems to be more than guitar music circle, a person's power is difficult to big, and then know the Chinaren, know the Sohu, Sina and other websites, ridiculous, it is 05 years. Campus Forum After two change, from DV to Leo, to DZ ... again to close. But 05 is a very important year for me, I know Yahoo to China's total business + 1 billion U.S. dollars, Alibaba shares, know Baidu in the Nasdaq IPO shares a Lu Ling rose 354% ... began to contact the Internet stock, foreign exchange ... Company to do .... More to understand the industry's news more and more. A coincidence of a chance, I met the founder of a website, he is a good technology, PHP, I also know what is Alexa, what is the PR value, the outside company, Nellian, what role and benefits, the effect of advertising alliances and so on ... My QQ and M are more and more people in the industry, now almost every well-known website editing, technology, I know some. Now QQ and M, altogether add up to have hundreds of industry personage, my QQ, M signature and personal data, can sell very good advertisement fee .... Oh! The address of the website to the signature of a post .... Visit the volume immediately up, visibility and improve, do is the Alexa call query and included query, I asked to update on the Soso, IASK, GOOGLE. CN, Yahoo ... Pay attention to the user experience, to the user in the shortest possible time to query the content and then leave, by virtue of this concept, the user experience to do very in place, loyal users have been trained up, the second access rate is very high, already 81% of the users are their own input web site to come to the station .... Alexa also followed up, 2000, 1000, 700 ... also in the industry there are more peopleKnow us, hehe, these friends. March 06. June, to participate in the win in China program, but also know a lot of business people, as well as investment VC ... A gracious man is one who wins his acquaintance in China. July 06, part-time went to an education website as a consultant, but did not make any achievements and benefits, this will always be a failure of my memory. I and the investment manager of today's capital, sun, communicate with each other to refinance my advisor's website, but COO is not active and the business plan is always out of place ... Just keep it going. .... My friends know me, Master of Magic. Magic Master know 90,000 webmaster, I want to push the new station, the top of the gun manuscript issued many times in China News Network, Sohu it, Alibaba wealth information, Baidu News aggregation internet channel and so on website Headline news information, so I top very not on the line there are n million people look forward to. Also a lot of people add me QQ or M, I am very good to talk, like to make friends, a few words on everyone can be cooked up, so many friends like to spray with me, asked me how the top of the end, I always replied: It is still early, I am with you look forward to. Magic master like bubble irrigation, before in Chinaz irrigation, the origin is IM286, ashamed, poured for so long still not outdated ... Ha ... and fish in QQ chat, but fish low-key, not like my big mouth love Kan. Then Donews, TW, csdn and so on. Now every day to hang dz, every day to brush screen ... Everyone knows my top pole, which was conceived in June 06. Until now, still in production, progress is unpleasant. The technology has come and gone ... People changed waves and waves. But the top technicians are still very proud of me, now altogether 12 people, 8 technology, 4 markets .... I pay more attention to the market, a company can survive, there is a healthy cash flow, is fundamental!! Now think of playing music before, know a lot of singers, musicians, bands and so on, now do top star blog, this relationship on the use of, oh, really many friends more than one road ... Even more noteworthy is that the MIDI music festival's self-portrait band drummer Han Qiang, we from 4 years old together to play the big .... He contacted beyond band, and May days, is very easy, and the Tang Dynasty band relationship is very good ' ah ' and so many deductive brokerage company and record company friends ' to outsource the star's blog to them more is a word of the matter ~ ' right ' before long ago, happened to see my friend in Sina, the theme of the band, there are photos have introduced and sample try to listen, more and more good ... Evening is very skillful to play music buddies call me out to go to a restaurant to eat kebab, while drinking beer I said to him: this afternoon I saw your topic in Sina, small sample photos are pretty cool ... The man smiled and replied: "The hell, the picture and the TMD didn't give me money ... Cool P Wow ... Oh .... I wonder if the editors who made this topic are looking at mePosts. IDG and Hong Kong South China Style magazine, have about me, the South China people said to me a lot of money to do the station, how much money? Those money to change to 1.1 cents, I have to 500 birthday!! When he was a few, he had less money than I did, only to be 100 years old. The conditions are 100% discretionary holding, including personnel rights, financial rights, administrative rights and so on, so to say, even if I want to buy a garbage basket for d360, have to write a report and so on. I politely declined. IDG said if d360 do entertainment, will be very concerned about, and hope to have money cooperation, I said you first take a Xiang, let me have money to buy a few piglets to get a raise. I asked them the same question why they chose me? I was surprised by the answer, because two answers are the same: because your site is called "Top Pole", because of "top pole" These two words I asked you to see the interview. That's the quote: If your website is called what dog, or call what horse bell beans, your profit model is good again, your team again cow, we will not consider to vote you, even will not ask you; because a potential site, the first step is to have a healthy upward name. Then I really feel that "top" two words brought me a lot of attention, top: Vertex, top, best, Pole: Pole, extreme, the highest, the top of the pole is good and high, ha ... Another way of thinking: IDG must feel that two back to buy beans, and potatoes, quality is not good, regret .... It looks like prawns and puppies are not going to sell. Alas .... Do not mention these, think of happy also have unhappy, the more think the more headaches. Now, spare time, mixed to a certain large site as a consultant, part-time can earn some extra money, help to make some planning suggestions to the website, as to which one, do not say, last discussed an article. Also help some vertical search sites for consultants, pharmaceuticals, brands, and music companies. Make money, it should be said that a lot of money. I think these are quite unexpected, but suffering and bitterness, not with the above words can be expressed. The kind of people who have no high education and have the cold shoulder, the irony, the ridicule ... Fortunately, never give up the ideal in mind. A lot of knowledge do not understand, and then learn, find books, reading, Law, psychology, economy, politics ... Have seen all over again, when a glass of water can accompany me in wangfujing Xinhua bookstore a floor South Hall sit all day .... Tired?? To the north of the three-storey elevator, there is Wong's "The Old Master" series of comic books, the joy of watching. Then I thought, if I didn't leave school, I should be at a certain university now. When I left school, I dropped out of the first place in the arts. Step-by-step, until later, 1.1 points were affirmed, identified, supported, and helped. Now entrepreneurship is really: that day, I had to go on the road for Restless heart ... For the survival of self-esteem, for the proof of self. The bitterness of the road had melted into my eyes;Be firm in ... In the road, with the voice of my heart, on the road, only for those who accompany me, on the road, is my life's journey, on the road, only to warm my people ... To warm my people. My entrepreneurial, do top pole, is for my father and mother, you? Kao ... Why the next time pull so far ... It's not about the other. Should study well, do not think of these, many people, is due to too impulsive, such as I, too early to leave school, took a lot of detours. Go back to school, learning is the most important thing at the moment, do not think what entrepreneurial ... Forums not back behind the scenes, 70 is really in the playing, not even stand up, not to mention you a kid??
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