Huangmingming: It is a necessary condition to seek a partner's good character

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Two years ago, Huangmingming, 32, returned from the United States, wandering the Internet industry, looking for business opportunities and entrepreneurial partners.  At first, he stared at some of the larger and more formed internet companies, but a chance to make Huang find his first venture partner a in Beijing's Courtyard house. The contest between sensibility and rationality "there is an expert who has not been to college, you should go to see."  Under a friend's introduction, Huangmingming in a courtyard near Beijing South Pool and a "love at first sight". Huang recalls, at that time the courtyard is actually a clump, went in to find a bit of it entrepreneur home feeling, but after a tea discussion way, yellow feeling a is a very understanding of the local market, the Chinese Internet grassroots users understand very deep people. "I've never read a book abroad, not even a higher education, but his deep understanding of the situation in China's Internet market and the needs of its users shocked me."  "Huang's feeling, like nearly a century ago, came to Mao Zedong, a resident in a cave, who was in fact the most knowledgeable person on indigenous issues." On that day, they had a good talk, and in Huang's own words, the turtle and the tortoise had a chemical reaction.  So, and a continuous about two days of the night long talk, the two people chat to the third day, a advised yellow no longer to have formed the company to look for opportunities, and on the spot to the pros and cons of such companies are analyzed.  Yellow heart, decided to and a venture together. Huangmingming admits that it takes a long time to look at each other, but he and a are only in contact with a three-day decision.  For that moment of the yellow, feeling than rational judgment is more valuable reference. His reason is that the personality of a person, only really work together will be found, not after more than a few more talk or inspection can understand, more quality to be in the face of difficulties and pressure to reflect.  Therefore, when choosing an entrepreneurial partner, sometimes their feelings are more important than the rational judgment.  A's advantage is an understanding of the needs of local users, and he needs people like Huangmingming to communicate with foreign investors, to help the company become more formalized and bigger.  Huangmingming told reporters that he and the founder of the company Zcom, to do digital content, including electronic magazines, digital music, digital video and game distribution and sharing platform, and electronic magazine is a zcom entry point. Good character is the necessary condition "to be honest, integrity, if the entrepreneurial partner quality problems, the company must not go far."  Huangmingming repeatedly stressed. Huang believed that the courtyard that first met with a was a blessed place, so he often went there for tea with friends and important guests.  Two years have passed and the company and the team have grown up unconsciously. In the courtyard tea, it is inevitable to talk about the development direction of zcom Company, if there is just the company needs of some talent, Huang and his entrepreneurial partners will be persuaded to join the company team. "In the company's development process, at a certain stage, there will be a lack ofOn the one hand, it requires more and more experts to join. "Huang said, does not rule out the zcom development to the next stage, will also introduce new partner's possibility."  The company has an open mind to step by step.  The most gratifying thing about Huang is that zcom four venture partners have not had any disputes about personal interests. When choosing an entrepreneurial partner, Huang and the candidate have a wide range of conversations, not limited to the specific business model, "it is best to ramble, in small talk will show a lot of details, that is, business values, as far as possible to choose with their own value orientation consistent with the entrepreneurial partner."  "An investment banker agrees that when it comes to starting a business partner, the first thing to do is to have a good character, and if that is not the case, the other side is stronger and cannot become an entrepreneurial partner for entrepreneurial ventures."  IDG, Carlyle and other investment companies inside some professionals to this issue summed up: More than 90% of China's entrepreneurial enterprises failure, not because the business model is not right, not because the market is immature, but because of the problem of the partner, because of the contradictions between partners or partner character. Tip: A person's personality, only real work together will be found, not after more than a few times or study to understand, more quality in the face of difficulties and pressure to reflect. Therefore, when choosing an entrepreneurial partner, sometimes their feelings are more important than the rational judgment. However, still try to choose to match their own value orientation of the entrepreneurial partners.
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