Lenovo to support public entrepreneurship projects in the near future

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September 25 Afternoon news, Lenovo Holdings chairman and president, Lenovo Group Chairman of the Board of directors, Liu said today, Lenovo has recently identified a new focus, that is, to support public entrepreneurship.  Lenovo will provide more than just money, including some of the management experience and lessons of Lenovo itself. Lenovo's 5-month-Long 2010 Youth Philanthropy program ended today, culminating in the award of the top ten team.  It is reported that the top ten teams from more than 18,000 teams from the middle layer of screening to win, each of the ten strong team will be provided by Lenovo Group 100,000 Yuan venture capital and 1 ThinkPad notebook computers. Mr Liu said: "We have recently set a key point, that is, we have to do the public good activities focused on supporting entrepreneurship." Lenovo Holdings, Lenovo Group and other companies will provide not only the money, but also our philosophy, the experience and lessons we have experienced over the past 26 years. We will use our practical actions specifically to help entrepreneurial friends. It is reported that Lenovo Holdings also created a "Lenovo Star" training course, has been running for three years. This class is mainly to convert the scientific and technological achievements in the laboratory into technology products, the "scientists into entrepreneurs." "(Zhang Wei)
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