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For Internet entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must have the mind, the ability to learn, young entrepreneurs to accept Master, Master is not to flatter you, but to challenge you, he will continue to tell you to do so there are problems, do have problems, give you a lot of advice, you have been the master of 10 years of experience, through two or three years to absorb a lot, The progress of the entrepreneur is certainly fast.

"In the early days of the company, it was the company's most dangerous time and it was easy to die and find no direction." These teachers are in the Silicon Valley for so many years, in this industry sedimentation experience, a generation down, the success of many Silicon Valley companies why fast? It is because every company does not have to start from scratch, make the mistake that others make again. ”

In addition, four tips for entrepreneurs:

My first suggestion: China's Internet entrepreneurial environment, the future is bright, the road is tortuous, the advent of wireless internet to create more opportunities, but the requirements for entrepreneurs than 10 years ago a lot higher, and this threshold is not more money can cross the past. At that time everyone was silly, who gets a sum of money, in the Internet occupies a piece of land, as long as they do not make a big mistake can be "left" the king; now there are a number of new entrepreneurial models out, the start-up companies to come out a road, the rivers and lakes will be used to copy the model. In fact, plagiarism is not terrible, terrible is that people than you have resources, user volume.

The second proposal: do not venture into a narrow sense to open a company, to print their own boxes of cards, call themselves CEO, want to market understanding, an idea into a mature business model, need experience accumulation. So, just enter the rivers and lakes, join other people's company, spend other people's money to practice their ability is also very good. And with the accumulation and promotion of experience, one day you will build a team, you may find that you can not alone, you may also need a CEO, a product expert.

The third proposal: start early to less utilitarian, not to solve financial problems to start a business. What you really like, really see a problem, you can solve it, then you do it. It doesn't have to be a huge sum to go public. If even 100,000 dollars have not been spent, must be to melt billions of dollars, I personally feel that this experience is meaningless.

Fourth recommendation: I often receive business plans, of course, may be I do not have the eye to know people, but from the probability, if a person does not accumulate, business plan is to do a big problem, I think it is not reliable. Take Facebook For example, what's the real history like? Is it to connect with everyone in the world? It's supposed to be for Harvard girls to get into school, and Harvard boys can see their pictures on a website.

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