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A craft

They say that owning a wealth is better than having a Horai.

Zhang Guoxi is the first billionaire in mainland China and the only entrepreneur to date in China who has written its name on the planet. He is a carpenter, in Shanghai art carving a factory learned to carve the craft of the Camphor box. With this.

Art, in the Canton fair to get orders, 20 of the wooden box let him earn more than 10,000 yuan.

The first bucket of gold dug, so he put all his possessions in the traditional wood carving industry, and finally have today's results.

Borrow chicken and lay eggs

Zhidong has left Sina, but his move to go out to sea is an example of a fairly successful operation.

1993 he to the four-pass financing of 5 million Hong Kong dollars, the founder of four-pass, and later, four-pass Lee and sinanet Nets merged, easy to name Sina. In 1999, he raised $25 million in international funding, and later financed 60 million of billions of dollars from Dell computers and SoftBank. 2000, listing Nasdaq, financing open Xintiandi.

Capture Opportunities

This example is Shanghai's Yanghui, who is known as Yang million. It should be said that his first bucket of gold is from the exchange of Treasury bills. The signs are seen in Shanghai, 108 yuan to buy overseas, 113 yuan in Shanghai to sell, 4 hours to make 800 yuan.

Find opportunities to have vision, to fulfill opportunities need action. All these, but also have knowledge, perseverance and other internal strength support.

Do it yourself.

Geely's chairman, Li Shufu's first bucket of gold, was opened by a photographic studio. More than 1000 yuan of reflective cover can not afford, he made a do-it-yourself, as long as two yuan money; even the camera's fur tigers and film-making gadgets are made by themselves.

So there's nothing to be surprised about his later daring to build refrigerators, motorcycles and cars.

In his eyes, "the car is only 4 wheels, 1 steering wheel, 1 engine, 1 car shell, there are two sofa." ”

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