The message says the handle net CEO Wu has recently resigned, and will start a business

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The source said that Wu because of the conflict with the investors, in the recent choice to leave, it will carry out the business of clothing manufacturers.

Information from the inside of the handle network shows that early in the year, investors have been stationed on behalf of the handle, and began to control some departments and the company's development strategy to intervene, Wu in the company is actually the management overhead.

However, for the news of the resignation of Wu, the handle net official denied. Handle NET the vice president of marketing PR New Lihau said, Wu did not leave, still working normally.

At the same time, New Lihau also disclosed that Wu is currently focusing on innovative business.

According to the handle network submitted last year, the first major shareholder of the net is the Jinsha River Venture investment, the shareholding ratio is 38.9%, Wu and his family's shareholding ratio of 22.6%, as the second largest shareholder. Venture capital company Rebate NX GmbH has a 12.1% shareholding ratio.

This June, the two-degree impact of the IPO's handle network to revoke the listing application. Recently, the handle network CFO Zhang and Vice President Liming also chose to leave.

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