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After the website is built, maintenance and management become the work that needs to be carried on continuously. In this chapter, the site will be optimized for internal links, efficient maintenance, PR upgrade way to introduce.

Optimize the internal link of the website

Internal links within the site is the site's domain name links, such as columns, links between the pages and so on. Do the internal link optimization, will enhance the user to the site browsing the actual experience, help enhance the competitiveness of the site.

1. Column navigation According to the importance of ranking

Now most of the website construction program provides the default navigation function, most of the site navigation is in accordance with the order of the establishment of columns, this may let some unimportant columns show in the important position. In fact, in a website, often have the main columns, these columns are usually updated every day, and most visitors are looking for the content of the column. For such columns, it should be in the important navigation position.

According to the importance of ranking can also be reflected in the column settings, a site usually has multiple levels of columns, such as news columns can be divided into sports news, entertainment news. And if the site is biased or the main column, it should be given a level of the table of contents, links on the site should also be highlighted.


The website's column navigation is the search engine Spider Index website main route, is also links the website column The link, the recommendation uses the text form the column navigation, should try to avoid the flash format the navigation, if needs to use the picture navigation, also needs to indicate the alt content in the picture link.

2. Check errors to avoid dead links in the station

A dead link is an invalid link that cannot be accessed. In the process of Web site construction, often because of maintenance or time limit reasons, resulting in a lot of useless web pages, these pages do not suggest to delete, but if the page has been deleted, it is necessary to use the link query tool, the site of the dead link cleared, so as to improve the user's access experience , but also very friendly to search engines.

To query the site of the dead link, you can use this "site dead link Detection" tool (, input needs to detect the URL, you can easily query to the internal invalid links.

Figure 1

3. Friendly hints set access error tips

Search engine optimization is ultimately based on visitors, some have been included in the deletion of the Web page is often the search engine still exists in the index, so it is easy for visitors to come in when there is no access to the situation, prompted 404 errors.

The default 404 error message is a blank page, not only the user experience is extremely adverse, and if a similar number of pages, the entire site in the search engine weight also has a great impact. If the use of a virtual host, as long as the production of a hint of HTML Web page files, and then into the host management background to set up.

Another method is 301 permanent redirection. It can lead to the traffic to the specified page, and the weight of the search engine will be transferred to the new page.

4. Experience primary note link dependencies

Within the site's internal link optimization, there is a very good way to meet the visitor's habit, is the relevance of the link. It is a link strategy, such as the article content page in addition to its related articles, a column of the most popular articles, the next article is the site's internal relevance link.

Relevance of the link not only for the search engine included a good effect, for users, if visitors to browse through an article, the end of the article content provides relevant articles, users will likely be interested in these content. This will not only increase the user's stickiness, but also can increase the flow of the site.

Two, the website effective maintenance three general knowledge

1. Backup data to "new"

Situation Analysis: If the content of the entire site is backed up every time, it will take a long time. Often because of this reason, many webmaster will be "lazy", but once the situation of data loss, disastrous consequences.

In fact, the backup site also has a lot of efficient methods, both in the face of problems quickly restore the site data, also do not need to spend too much energy.

"Push Chen": Delete old backup data: A webmaster friend found that the server dozens of GB hard drive is only hundreds of MB, resulting in the server all the sites are inaccessible, and all of their own web site data is only a few gigabytes. Later found that the reason is that the backup of the site data occupy a lot of storage space, plus the server's access log, obstinately the server "support" full. From this point of view, it is necessary to frequently delete old backup data.

"Out of the new": Only the updated files are backed up: for many sites, there is not a lot of content per day, but it can take a long time to download all the data for every backup. If the site does not make a large number of changes every time it is backed up, it is often only necessary to back up the main database, as well as the new uploaded picture files.

2. Compressed data can be "stone"

Situation Analysis: Many small and medium-sized webmaster for many reasons, the use of server space is limited, plus small and medium-sized Web sites using Access database. With the increase of the amount of data, the server space is getting smaller and slower, and the data backup becomes more and more difficult.

Compressing the database not only saves space, but also speeds up the Web site and makes it easy to backup and save. There are many ways to compress an Access database, and we can use dedicated compression software, which uses an ASP code to compress the database.

First open our demo website, and then enter the "ASP Compressed Access database" link, Save the program's source code as an. asp file, and when you upload it to the directory where the site database is located, use the ASP file through the browser.

Figure 2


Data security is critical, before compression, the database needs to be backed up, confirmed, and then compressed.

3. Set Redirect to avoid "penny wise and Foolish"

Situation analysis: For many sites, there may be many domain names, even if there is only one domain name, there are also www main domain name and root domain name difference. But for search engines, these two domain names are not the same, if a site binding a number of domain names, will cause data duplication, the site in the search engine weight is very unfavorable.

However, by setting up robots.txt for multiple domain bindings, we can avoid duplication of Web content through 301 redirects.

For example, the number of dynamic line of the site domain name is, but at the same time there are domain name, then you can take 301 redirect way, the domain name of other suffixes to the main domain name; At the same time it also applies to changes in the Web page, such as ASP's Dynamic Web page replacement for PHP, you can use the 301 redirect mode.

Commonly used redirects are 301, 302, and meta redirects, 301 represent permanent transfers (permanently moved), and 302 represent temporary transfers (temporarily moved), Meta redirect is the Web page's meta code to achieve the page redirection, the current approach is very easy to be found by the search engine is cheating.

301 redirection is the best way to change the address of a Web page, as long as it is not a temporary jump, it is recommended to use 301来 to do the site redirection.

(1) dynamic page settings redirection

For a Dynamic Web page file, you can add the following code to the Web page file to set it up. ASP format Dynamic Web pages, you can use the following code to implement the redirection function:

For a Dynamic Web page file, you can add the following code to the Web page file to set it up. ASP format Dynamic Web pages, you can use the following code to implement the redirection function:

<%@ Language=vbscript%>
<% response.status= "Moved Permanently" Response.AddHeader "Location", "http://redirect address" >

and PHP Format Dynamic Web page file, use the following code.

? Header ("http/1.1 moved Permanently");
Header ("location:http://redirected Address");? >

(2) server-side redirection method

If the Web site uses the Windows system's IIS server, the way to set 301 redirects is to select the Redirect to URL feature in the site properties, and then set the redirect to the URL address, and then check the "Permanent Resource redirection" checkbox.

Figure 3

If the server supports the. htaccess feature for Apache or virtual hosts, you can simply set the file to 301 redirects to the file or directory, and simply write the following code to the. htaccess file.

Redirect permanent/http://the address to which the contents of the directory are redirected/;

REDIRECT permanent/html.html http://html.html content redirected to the address/;

Third, improve the site PageRank have a coup

PageRank (Web page ranking) for short PR, is Google's weight assessment of the site, usually the higher the PR also represents the quality of the site better. Recently Google's PR value has been a big update, for many novice webmaster, the desire to improve the PR is usually very strong, through this article, you can learn to improve the PR skills.

Usually Google PR algorithm is, if a site or page is linked to the number of more, then the site or the Web page of the higher the PR. Theoretically, if you have more links, PR will grow. Although the current PR is not the criteria to determine the site, but a lot of webmaster in the exchange of links or ads will pay attention to the site's PR. And for a high PR value of the station, link quantity and quality must be higher than the low PR value station, so in a sense, PR still played a role.

1. Cultivate internal strength to optimize the links within the site

Add original content to the site

The original content of a Web site, whether for the user's browsing experience, or search engine included, have an irreplaceable role. The same original content will effectively enhance the PR value of Google, so most of the individual independent blog PR value and the site's PR are much higher.

For personal sites, to provide valuable web site content, and appropriate SEO optimization, to improve the PR value is also very important.

Clear invalid links and pictures

such as content expiration, link invalidation and other reasons, will cause the site appears various invalid links and pictures, if the site of the invalid chain took more, also very likely to cause Google PR value decline. So for the site common invalid links, found to be timely clearance.

2. Extensive outside the chain to increase the site weight value

Links to websites with PR

For most personal sites, the general PR value to 4 can be considered a good site, so in the search for links, it is best to find greater than or equal to PR4 station. However, it should be noted that many Web sites for a variety of reasons are being punished by Google, resulting in PR of 0, so with no PR value of the site to do the link should also be cautious.


If you encounter links to the site PR value suddenly reduce the situation, but also to be careful to treat, because the link of the site's PR value will be reduced to the site has impact.

Write high quality articles published.

Now many sites have opened the submission function, to these sites published articles are usually able to leave their own site link address, if the content of the article is recognized, the probability of being reproduced will be greatly increased, the PR value naturally can be quickly upgraded.

Other well-known BBS forum can also meet the requirements, such as the Forum on the signature of the site link, and then reply to the post, but also a way to increase the external chain.

Submit Directory and Site navigation

For Google, similar to the Yahoo Site Directory, DMOZ and so on have a very high weight, if you can be included in such sites, the site's PR value will be quickly improved. and domestic some high-quality Web site navigation sites, the same as the weight of the site to increase effective.

Please pay attention to the other paragraphs in chapter Fifth:

Iv. Site Exchange links also beware of counterfeit

V. Objectionable content of the website against Vulgar Prohibition

Vi. simple configuration to make the Web server impregnable

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