Video podcast in the winter, coming earlier than ever

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video Podcast In the Winter, a little earlier than before

-bearing broadband costs, not a sophisticated technology threshold, a series of staff costs, No profit mode of the video site in the booming web2.0 after entering the dilemma, a large number of video site layoffs, only in the Video podcast forum to meet friends, a turn was cut, lei China, Thousand Oak Group, mysee in the layoffs, in order to control costs, avoid risk, borrow a word called " Even if the company is only one person can not achieve the profit "mode of running a video podcast is indeed a bit difficult.

But the video is indeed promising, otherwise Google will not spend 1.65 billion of dollars to buy YouTube, and web2.0 is definitely a prospect, otherwise, how the global rise relatively fast most of the station is user-oriented, user-centric such stations, or Sina's homepage does not make adjustments , more humane, but recently came out of a few so-called guests, it seems to be extremely good profit model, Xingdong hard to do the blog, now become Sina's wedding dress, but Sina married the bride, as if there is no profit model, but the flow is to make a sum, and the distance between the star and everyone is really a good practice. But now that the emerging video podcast, as well as a very hot copy of the video search, is already beginning to compete, video and text information, but also just provide content, income or by advertising?

may still have to be like this now, video this thing has always been in the third media, now the network to rob the third media, it must also borrow the third media profit model, the third media all has been the largest media, because it has the advertising company to do sales, but also has a professional production team, To ensure that there are some wonderful programs, some premiere, so that you can improve the ratings, Yuequi personally believe that the operation of video sites need to strengthen the following points:

1, website image

Image is the greatest wealth, the image of good or bad is the user to decide, whether the user has goodwill, trust? Loyalty, determine the value of the image, while the domestic video site to beauty, self-portraits, pornography, pornography, such as the station how to improve the image of a website? The main factors that affect a station are: the speed of the website, the logo of the website, the packaging of the website, the propaganda means of the website, the quality of the people behind the scenes, etc., but also to cultivate a group of the essence of the site, content is the largest video site wealth, only careful discovery, hard digging, can be very good business

2, website brand

brand is actually only a name, a symbol, but the brand contains attributes, interests, values, cultural characteristics and other elements. Creating a brand is not a simple matter, once become a famous brand, will bring huge economic benefits. Video podcast belongs to the cultural industry, "content is king" is often a magic weapon. The quality of the program is the life of the video podcast, the image is the table, the brand is in, the unfading can achieve a double win.

3, advertising revenue

advertising is now the main profit Model video podcast, the company began to think of the ads, but this went into a misunderstanding, that only advertising is regarded as operating, mentioning the operation is just caught advertising. Even in terms of advertising, the idea of operating in the Internet is far from the people------------------------------ To improve profitability, the most important thing is how to do marketing, how to put their own content, their own user groups, exquisite content and website brand recommended to users, and advertising can not affect the normal browsing site users, so that in the future possible industrial cooperation, restructuring the profit model to occupy a favorable position. But the advertising of video podcasts must be a new type of entertainment advertising. How to let users watch ads willingly. It is worthwhile for the operators of video podcasts to think hard and personalize the ads. At the same time, tailored to the business personalized video ads, and its invisible embedded content. So that our users do not need to distinguish between advertising and entertainment-because they are so novel and interesting.

4, Financial accounting

money to use in the place, to make money, and video podcast is currently Stones, who do not know how to do, take the wind cast this side burn point, there burn point, did not get the feeling so good on the burning, this can not help but say is not understand how to manage the cause, How to do a good job of financial accounting first step to implement the real cost accounting, again to find the cause of loss and the way to win. At the same time, server bandwidth, staff deployment must be carefully accounted for.
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