Sarah International is flat at HK $3.21. No growth slowdown

Rosa International (00178-HK) was flat at HK $3.21 and traded HK $277,400, ignoring a slowdown in quarterly sales growth. Sales of the company in the first quarter (April to June) rose by 6.6% Year-on-year, with a slowdown in double-digit growth over a year earlier, citing a sharp reduction in the number of passengers caused by the outbreak of swine flu.

Zhengzhou gas pumping high 15% by China Resources Gas into the master or purchase

Zhengzhou gas this morning stock prices made good, the main reason is to get China Resources Gas (group) into the note, the highest price made 13.38 yuan, smoking high 28.9%, the latest reported 11.9 Yuan, 14.64%, turnover 2.5 million yuan. Zhengzhou Gas announced, China Resources Gas (group) through the transaction, will indirectly have Zhengzhou gas 34.5% stake, if the framework agreement is fully implemented, will lead to the Zhengzhou gas control rights of change, China Resources Gas (group) will, as the case may be a comprehensive acquisition of Zhengzhou gas, and will be announced separately.

Period means repeatedly linger present report 17725

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. The rev of the wood is repeatedly wandering, now reported 17725, this early point to 17750 slightly lower open, from 17672 rebound on 17814, and then fall back to 17636, imminent 17600 rebound on 17748, this early in the early part of the period refers to about 17600 to 18000 between repeated, In the end, the chance of a slight rise is greater, while the temporary volatility of the city is only 178 points, the upper and lower range is narrower than the imagination, from the point of view of the city, the chance of stability is still greater.

Kingsoft software has fallen 10% record big hand allotment board

Jinshan software this morning, the price was under pressure, trading in the market before the opening of a deal involving 82.5 million big hand deal on board, 5.3 yuan per share, the shares of the stock price this morning to see 5.4 yuan, a decrease of 9.7%, the latest reported 5.57 Yuan, down 6.86%, turnover 507 million yuan. According to foreign quoted sales documents show, Kingsoft software a shareholder plan, according to 5.2 to 5.5 yuan per share, placing 82.5 million shares of the old shares, with a maximum of 454 million yuan, the distribution price than the shares of today's closing price of 5.98 yuan discount to about 8.03至13.04%.

ZTE declines 1% But Citi reiterates bullish view

ZTE shares fell 1.3% to HK $26.6 this morning, trading 675,300 shares.  Citigroup issued a report saying it reiterated the buying rating of the unit, with a target price of HK $33, which is 24% higher than the market price. Citi is still bullish on ZTE because its short-term earnings growth (2009/10 30%/25%) is guaranteed by growth in domestic capital spending while benefiting from the integration of the global telecoms equipment industry. Citigroup also said price competition remains fierce, but gross profit is expected to remain stable, thanks to the product line common parts share (ZTE based on WCD ...).

Bank-Enterprise Tripartite game syndicated loan quickly leapt red

Luojingjing China Accounting report 07-10 00:00:00 Syndicated loans have recently "jumped red." Recently, 10 banks in Beijing signed the largest syndicated loan agreement by China's banking industry to date, with a total of $176.2 billion trillion in 18 project loans signed.  The syndicated loan accumulated by the Bank of China Banking Association, which has been formed and is being organized, is over 1 trillion yuan.  It is obvious that syndicated loan is the choice of the government, the bank and the enterprise to win the game in the current economic environment. Let the crisis pass quickly ...

China Ocean now spit 1.4% outstanding results will be better than the first half

China Ocean (601919-CN;01919-HK) is now down 1.36%, reported 13.02 Yuan, the company's parent company China Ocean Transport Group Chairman Jiafu today in a forum gap, said that the second half of China Ocean will be better than the first half of the year, and said the group's dry bulk business in the break-even point. Some analysts said that if the Baltic Dry Bulk Index (BDI) in the vicinity of 3,700, then China's Cosco dry bulk business will achieve meager profit, but rely on China's demand for iron ore transport is not enough to offset Japan, South Korea, Europe and other regions of the sharp decline in demand ...

China Sea oil Field Service rose 2% Huatai Gold charge pay attention to interest expense

The company said it would buy a new ship to boost its deep-water service, which, following the rebound in international oil prices, has surged to the market this morning, with shares now up 2.12% to HK $7.69 and trading 11.11 million shares. Huatai Financial Holdings commented that CNOOC's purchases last year led to a big reduction in cash holdings, with a 37% per cent reduction in cash holdings at the end of 08, and a significant increase in interest spending. At present, the company's most important solution to the issue of interest expenses, how to raise cheap money. Huatai Financial Holdings set a price stop at HK $6.73.

In the early afternoon, there is a rebound present report 17988

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the first part of the afternoon is a rebound, now reported 17988, near the market oversold situation, the afternoon point of the fruit and then try 18000, more at once 18117, and then back to 17935, now in the vicinity of 18000 favoured, performance erratic, unpredictable, The end of the period is dominated by European markets and expected U.S. stock performance tonight, but the dollar is slightly softer and should be temporarily stabilized at the end of the period.

New Austrian gas fell 2.81% Nomura rating buy 15.1 HK $

The new Austrian gas (02688-HK) is now down 2.81%, at HK $12.44, with a turnover of HK $8.8524 million, which is now largely synchronized with the city, with the index falling 2.86%. Nomura reiterated the purchase rating of the unit and raised its target price from HK $11 to HK $15.1.  The bank said that the new Austrian 10 expected P/E ratio was only 12 times times lower than the average 16 times times the level of the same industry, taking into account its free cash flow, strong shareholder returns and high profitability visibility, which are considered low valuations. The bank also refers to the natural growth of the new Austrian business, can drive its earnings per share ...

I'm not afraid to fit! The Jeans brand for big screen iPhone fit big Pocket

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > The new IPhone became even bigger, what about the jeans? Don't worry, some fashion brands like Levi ' s and Anglo Eagle are redesigning their jeans around the big screen iPhone ... According to Business Insider, some brands in order to make their cattle ...

How does air purifier work best? Precautions for daily use of air purifier

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Recent haze weather has come again, although the day before yesterday was blown away by a gust of wind, but it is said that the weekend will also be a large area of haze to Beijing. The home has bought an air purifier, but how is it most effective? Recently Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other northern areas of the air index again exploded, PM2.5 pollution is very serious, there are netizens who joked that Wan as exposure to "Fairyland" general, haze weather not only to the city ...

How many times a day do you have to snap yourself? Self-portrait artifact you deserve to have

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > in the social network developed today, there are a group of five elements of the lack of praise, they show love, bask in children, bask in the pet, if not the sun on their own, toot mouth, scissors hand, looking at the 45 degrees angle, Is the habitual recruit, p finished picture and then with a "years of quiet good", can be called self-portrait party in the language class representative ... People are not beautiful enough to have beauty software, hands not long enough to have a self-portrait pole, what can prevent self-portraits ...

A brief history of Microsoft Windows 30 review, which version of the system did you use first?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > After 30 years of development, the Windows version has evolved to WIN10. Over the past 30 years, Windows has occupied offices, schools and families, making founder Bill Gates the world's richest man, all of which comes from Windows 1.0, launched in 1983 ... This Tuesday, Microsoft in San Francisco released the next ...

The Phantom of the MX4--from the inside to the new flagship of the Charm clan

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > After a year, in the countless friends eagerly awaited, the charm of the family finally bright Sword, on September 2 in Beijing released 2014 the first new product-the charm of the family MX4. Its 1799 pricing is even more surprising, not long ago, the charm of the official also revealed that the booking number has been broken tens of millions, visible MX4 by the market is very high degree of favor ... The MX4 of the enchantment ...

"Suspension Bridge effect" science-the girl cheats make it easier for Meimei to fall in love with you

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Dating has a unique, passionate heartbeat love hurricane. When people's moods are stimulated, they make those who are already very cute seem more likeable, but they also make those who are not lovable appear more annoying. This article will show you how to quickly and easily let the beauty of your heart ... Suspension Bridge effect

The hair-pulling feature that comes with the iphone 6-with the iphone 6 Pro, is your hair okay?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > People complained about their iphone 6 turn, and now they're complaining that hair is ripped off when they call on iphone 6 ... Related reading: Not afraid to fit! The Jeans brand is fit for big-screen iphone Many people who use the iphone 6 say that when they put their phone on their face, ...

Windows 10 Hands-on experience-Start menu return to new system, will cover all platform equipment

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Microsoft finally unveiled the next-generation operating system, Windows 10. The new operating system will unify all versions of Windows and will take over a wide range of devices including computers, mobile phones and tablets in 2015 through an operating system. But for ordinary users, these are not important, we most care about is definitely the beginning of the menu has been a real return ... ...

Xiaoming, Li Bing, Ningquan Why do you fancy Han's clothes shed

Electric Shang recently heard Xiaoming, Li Bing and Ningquan three formed STARVC invested in the Han, at first feel very funny, the main reason is that the starvc of the announcement will be South Korea and Zara, H&m, excellent Uniqlo, such as fast fashion giants, electricity Shang without any derogatory Han all the meaning of clothing, But that no matter from the strength, scale and brand positioning, the Han are all the gap with the Giants. But the electric Shang really admire "Huang Lizhin" investment vision, or say, STARVC is picked up a commercial imagination space very big "golden egg", for ...

Deng Zi was banned

Real-time hotspot: Deng Zi Chess was blocked the original title: Chuan Zi Wong by the Ministry of Culture blocked: prohibit all endorsement of business performance-Source: NetEase Entertainment Summary: "Deng Zi was banned in the future ban all business performance and product endorsement" November 7, there are netizens in the circle of friends said Deng Zi Chess, Wong, Fanjiangdaohai three artists were banned by the Ministry of Culture, and Deng Zi Chess performance In addition to the previous signed contract, the future of the business, product endorsement, etc. are prohibited. Then reporters to Deng Zi's agent to confirm the matter, Deng Zi's agent Dan to get on the plane for delayed answer. November 7, ...

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