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Lead: All roads lead to Rome, must be on the bridge on the success or failure, it is not trouble? The U.S. technology blog site BusinessInsider Tuesday on the selection of 20 entrepreneurs should be away from the entrepreneurial trend, check-in, mobile payment and photo sharing list. 1. Photo-sharing startups that have dabbled in the field: Instagram, PIICTU, Pinterest, sincerely and pictour.us should stay away from this area: Instagram has established a mature model for the first 10 weeks on line, Its mobile application download volume reached 1 million times.  In any case, photo sharing is not a closed field, but if you want to innovate in this field, you will face a lot of competitors. 2. Social E-commerce has been involved in the field of startups: Storenvy, Goodsie, Magento.go should be away from the reason: E-commerce site services must be further improved, but industry giants like Yahoo no reason not to add social buttons, adjust the user interface, Launch a cheaper version.  Yahoo's market size, payment capabilities and search engine optimization (SEO) options are enough to attract a large number of users, making it willing to pay 40 of dollars a month. 3. Errand services have dabbled in the field of startups: TaskRabbit, zaarly and Craigslist should be kept away from this area: Frankly, we don't like the idea either. If you buy shampoo or dry cleaning, do it yourself. In other words, we realize that only lazy people come up with a bad idea to hire a runner. If you really need someone to run errands for you, a lot of these people will be found at Craigslist, and if you need a quick fix, instant service like zaarly or TaskRabbit may be the best choice.  With celebrity supporters like Kutcher Beecher Ashton Kutcher and Maik Al Arlington (Mike Arrington), Zaarly is certainly more popular. 4. Mobile payment has been involved in the field of startups: Square, Intuit, Google Wallet, Starbucks Mobile card, giftly should stay away from this area: every big tech company is investing a lot of time and resources in the mobile payments sector.  As for startups, Square has already got a slice of the market, which is now valued at $1 billion trillion. 5. Education and teaching have dabbled in the field of startups: Coursekit, Coursehorse, Skillshare, Tutorspree, and hoot.me should stay away from this area: Many startups are trying to subvert traditional education in order to achieve this "ideal" Many founders do not hesitate toDropped out at the expense. Skills sharing site Skillshare Let each student experience as a teacher's fun, tutorspree help people find suitable private teachers, coursehorse let users find the right training courses become as easy as ordering meals, Coursekit try to make the blackboard completely from the world disappear.  Although no firm has yet established a clear lead, education is still a very difficult entrepreneurial field. 6. Music-sharing startups that have dabbled in the field: Spotify, Turntable.fm, Mog and Rdio should be far from the cause: in this area, many companies pose a serious threat to Apple itunes. Spotify is one of the best, valued at $1 billion trillion, promising to offer free music. Turntable.fm also has great potential for development, with the support of many celebrities such as Canye West (Kanye West) and Lady Gaga.  In addition to intense competition, music-sharing startups also face legal nightmares. 7. Startups that have already dabbled in the field online: Lifebooker, Hotel tonight, ZocDoc and savored should stay away from this area: You don't have to stay away from the field--online booking industry has so far not had a leader, but the market will become more and more crowded. ZocDoc helps users look for doctors with time, and Hotel tonight allows you to get a discount reservation at the last minute. Lifebooker's business model, like the two companies mentioned above, is only for health centres and leisure salons. Savored has teamed up with OpenTable to find a restaurant with a discount.  [Page] 8. A monthly subscription to startups in the field: Birchbox, Guyhaus, Manpacks, ShoeDazzle and FreshDirect should be kept away from this area: ShoeDazzle is the Big Mac in this market, where there is little room for innovation, The competition is still fierce. FreshDirect has established its own business in three states, and ShoeDazzle has its own convenience stores. Birchbox has just completed a new round of 10.5 million dollars in financing, to the cosmetics sector full speed ahead.  More and more startups are offering condoms and underwear to men, but they have not been successful yet. 9. A video interview has already dabbled in the field of startups: The Take, the interview, Skype and Google Hangouts should stay away from this area: If video is a more popular means of interviewing, there is no reason why the company won't use Skype. If a number of companies want to interview someone at the same time, you can use Google Group Chat ServiceGoogle Hangout.  If Skype or Google join together to recruit companies and make video easy to share, then two companies will have the strength to beat any competitor. 10. Professional training has involved startups in the field: Goodsie, Onswipe, Flotype and Onepager should stay away from this area: in fact, we should not stay away from the industry, and non-technical people need to open up more avenues for technical work. Many entrepreneurs are building technology employment platforms, and if you are innovative in this area, chances are that you will have your own.  Onepager makes it easy for users to build sites, Flotype makes it easy for users to develop applications, Onswipe makes it easy for publishers to develop mobile experiences, and Goodsie offers a variety of conveniences for opening online stores. 11. The social electronic reading experience has been involved in this field of startups: Benchprep, Appaddictive, Copia and booktracks should be far from the reason: many entrepreneurs are gradually seeing a trend that textbooks will disappear altogether. Many businesses are adding social functions to e-book readers. Benchprep combines the seminars with e-books, as well as the company's application in the study of GRE, GMAT and other important exams. Copia has the same business model, but is located in book clubs and students.  Booktracks also injects new energy into E-book reading, which, like the film's soundtrack, booktracks the development of channel products for E-books. 12. Daily necessities Leasing has been involved in the field of startups: Getaround, Airbnb, loosecubes and liquid space should be kept away from this area: there is still room for innovation in the leasing industry, but many companies have their own business model in this area, for example, Airbnb, an apartment rental platform, has a valuation of $1 billion trillion, but it also faces a number of legal issues.  Just won the TechCrunch Disrupt innovation competition Getaround is a car rental service, while loosecubes and liquid space is to help the office building rental surplus. 13. Mobile gaming has dabbled in the field of startups: Zynga, Rovio and Lima Sky should be far from the cause: in this area, leading companies are starting to show. Rovio is reported to have reached $1.2 billion trillion in the new round of financing, while Zynga is also about to be IPOs (IPO). That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, but there are many ways we can succeed in the mobile industry.  Still, mobile gaming is still one of the most popular areas for entrepreneurs. 14. Group purchase has been involved in the field of start-up companies: Groupon, LIvingsocial, Group Commerce, Signpost, and Yipit should stay away from this area: Investment company General Catalyst Group, analyst Nites Banta (Nitesh Banta) said: " Groupon is valued at $1 billion trillion, with livingsocial financing of $400 million trillion, so entrepreneurs have to raise $100 million to have the power to challenge the two big group buying giants.  "15. Friends have been involved in the field of startups: Match, JDate, EHarmony, OkCupid, clique, Howaboutwe, Ignighter, Moonit and Luv@firsttweet The reason to stay away from the field: in the dating industry, Match.com and eharmony are already ahead of rivals. In addition, Howaboutwe can allow users to select the right people according to the membership database, Ignighter provide friends party services, clique is to create opportunities for customers to find their own partner. In the dating industry, where traditional models have been completely subverted, there is little chance of entrepreneurs succeeding. [Page] 16. Social tourism has been involved in the field of startups: Nextstop, Sonar and Spoton should be far from the field: "Angel investor, TechStars Executive Director David Tichy (David Tisch) said:" There are countless social tourism and activity applications that cover a wide range of areas, such as recommending team travel destinations. When a start-up company advises you to meet with Frede Wilson (Fred Wilson, a leading venture capitalist) at a meeting, you might think, ' Of course I want to meet him, but how easy? '  Another problem is that there are many problems with Internet services in relation to tourism, so Tichit believes that the two ideas of social and tourism are inherently incapable of merging. 17. Social/friend Referral News has been involved in the field of startups: Twitter, Shelby, Meebo and Onswipe should stay away from this area: Shelby can recommend videos based on links sent by friends, Meebo allow users to view certain pages,  And Onswipe developed a feature that allows users to mark the content, while seeing the content of the friend's tag. 18. Limited-time discounts have been established in the field of startups: Gilt Groupe, Ideeli, Lot18, Hautelook, Artspace and Sanlitun vines should be kept away from the field: valued at $1 billion Gilt Groupe has been close to success in the fashion field and is rapidly moving into other categories, such as food and tourism. Some people think that time-limited discounts still have other invasiveIndustry companies into the space. Philip James, of Lot18, said: "I know that the wine industry has great potential, so the creation of the Snooth, this is a good service." Limited-Limit discount market size of 30 billion dollars, more than music, Hollywood, DVD and so on, I think you can call it ' market segment '.  Amish Jani Amish Jani, a venture capitalist, believes that time-limited discounts still have potential to be dug and that the industry is expected to become increasingly fragmented. 19. Social chat services have been set up in the field of startups: Kohort, Path, fridge, Beluga, Facebook and Google should stay away from this: Facebook and Google can easily establish a dominant position in social networking services.  In fact, Facebook and Google are already on the move, with two companies acquiring and destroying any small start-up that enters the field. 20. Sign up for startups that are already involved in the field: Foursquare, Gowalla, SCVNGR, Turf, MyTown and Matchbook should stay away from this area: Foursquare and SCVNGR have been involved in check-in services for many years and have ample financial resources. They have enough strength to move around and become leaders in the services they are involved in.
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