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Four days ago I sent an article, called "exposing Baidu experience and search to ask the pit dad outside the chain", I in the article in the form of graphics and text to prove in the Baidu experience and search to ask the link, is not a lot of Seoer said high quality outside the chain, the reason for Baidu experience on the link has been added "nofollow", and search to ask the link for the JS processing. But today, a netizen in my blog article raised the question, specifically as follows:


First of all, I think this friend's learning mentality is very good, SEO should be in communication and questioning progress, must not blindly worship and believe. I personally appreciate such people. Absolutely not, because my article is good, or, like my blog, I do not have any doubts about my article. If so, it would be terrible. If in the future I tell you that the money in your bank card all transferred to my account, your ranking will be more than Baidu bidding, will someone do it, illustrious. Next, let's take a look at the question whether the friend is right.

First, we open his link:

http://wenwen.soso.com/z/q369532122.htm?w=%CB%AD%D3%D0%BD%F0%D7%D6%CB%FE%BE%D8%D5%F3%B5%C4%C5%C5%C3%FB%BD%CC% b3%cc&spi=1&sr=3&w8=%e8%b0%81%e6%9c%89%e9%87%91%e5%ad%97%e5%a1%94%e7%9f%a9%e9%98%b5%e7%9a%84%e6%8e %92%e5%90%8d%e6%95%99%e7%a8%8b&qf=20&rn=9&qs=4&ch=w.search.3

Because this article I put it as a question-answering article, so it is not a lot of pictures, I think I have two pictures you will understand, look at the picture:


From the source of the diagram, the link is indeed within the framework, rather than JS. At this point, he was right, and I overlooked that.

But does this mean you can pass the weight value in search and ask? Let's look at the following picture:


This is the article I sent yesterday, "outside the chain construction of the 5 need to pay attention to the situation" has also been explained, this is a jump link, but also does not pass the weight.

Summary: Whether it is JS or the URL for the jump processing, are not transferred weight, so the link can only increase the site's exposure rate, from a simple SEO perspective, this chain is not any weight transmission.

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