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Zhou Co Recent gem callback and found a new reason, there are reports that Sadie Consultant in the Gem IPO process in the course of fraud, caused the SFC's fury.  If there is a fraud in a listed gem, its share price needs to be weighed and investors in the gem will face serious confusion. Sadie Consultant fraud, mainly issued an irresponsible ranking, but the gem is the most attractive investors in the industry is the subdivision of the position.  If investors now find that a company that is already in the lead in the industry is not in the lead, he is likely to re-examine the current stock price, and selling stocks may be normal. For example, I recently studied the "Yao Ming stock" and all the strong products let me cruise the car with GPS, found that users buy their products because of Yao Ming's endorsement and the background of the listed companies, and users in its official forum to reflect the use of the main problems are occasional crash, the speed of the search satellite slow and so on.  The information from the dealer is that I can swim GPS than similar products to expensive, and the core technology in the hands of the United States, the Chinese market grappling mainly with additional functions, services and appearance. In other words, the competition in the industry is mainly based on practical innovation, in the absence of core technology, its industry competition can be analogous to the notebook computer market.  Based on this analysis, perhaps it is hard to bear the dynamic 400 times-fold level of earnings. It can be found that the company's competitive position in the industry is extremely important, and Sadie consultant to investors and the SFC to provide a false industry rankings, will inevitably mislead the audit committee and investors on the valuation of listed companies correct judgments, but also to the inquiry agency to give an exorbitant price for a reason to further harm the interests of investors.  Now the public, already listed gem new shares, or will undergo a severe test. GEM is the net of this technology, the electronics company, its products are mostly from the ordinary people are far away, nowadays, various rankings also make it hard to believe that investors are most likely to take the strategy of voting with their feet. Buffett once said to invest in a simple, understood company, so at present most gem stock is not worth investors to buy.  In contrast, it is simpler than other gem companies, with at least a product that can easily be found in the marketplace, and investors have the ability to make comparisons within the industry, and to give them a valuation. In the future, the return of the gem will continue to be long, most of the company's share price will continue to lower, investors should pay attention to the risk. The timing of the central bank's further increase in reserve requirements was a surprise, and the opening of the Shanghai-Shenzhen stock market in May will also require investors ' understanding of raising the reserve requirement ratio. But from the point of view of value investment, the current blue-chip group has been underestimated, such as the stock index again downward, investors can bargain for the low absorption, and the investors who hold blue chips are not to blindly cut meat.
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