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Reporter 14th here learned that Beijing Institute of Technology and the Yi Group has jointly set up a university student Entrepreneurship Center, will be a dragon-style service to help students to carry out entrepreneurship training and guidance.

Zhiqiang, director of the Recruitment and Employment Office of Beijing Institute of Technology, said that the entrepreneurial center will promote entrepreneurship through extensive organization of project referrals, programme design, risk assessment, opening guidance, tracking support and other entrepreneurial services, and promoting entrepreneurial skills among college students.

The international financial crisis has brought great employment pressure to university graduates, and the State has promulgated a series of policy measures to promote employment by starting a business. But a report published recently by the Social Science Literature Press shows that the 2008-year college graduates are starting their own businesses at 1%. Lack of corporate management experience is one of the risks that can lead to the failure of college students ' own entrepreneurship.

Yin Wei Jun, deputy director of the Department of Personnel Education at the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, said that the way the school-enterprise cooperation set up the entrepreneurial center made up for the lack of knowledge and skills in school education, and the shortage of college students ' classroom teaching and labor market.

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Liu Congmin, deputy dean of China's Institute of Labor Security Sciences, pointed out that the combination of school and enterprise, play their respective advantages, in order to lead the employment of students to create a new entrepreneurial model, coincides with the time. At the same time, he also reminded that the school-enterprise Cooperation of the entrepreneurial center should focus on helping to solve the problems encountered in the entrepreneurial process of college students, timely summary, analysis of entrepreneurial experience, lessons, play a good guiding role.

3 years ago, I was ambitious, with a patchwork of 50,000 dollars from home, embarked on the journey to Beijing to start a business, at this time I am full of longing for the future, and vowed not to earn a lot of money will never go home.

When I came to Beijing, I saw the capital of Beijing, I secretly determined to say that this piece of land will be my Grand exhibition place, but there is always a certain gap between the ideal and the reality, in this strange land, I am unaccompanied, suddenly I began to feel afraid, lonely, but I told myself that, Their own entrepreneurial path has just begun should not shrink.

After their hard and unremitting efforts, their small hotel is struggling to open up, but my store business is not as good as I imagined, on the contrary the business is rather cold, every day almost make ends meet, watching their own blood a little loss, I heartache, I think about the end of their own store business why so bad, I have to brood over the solution. Every time I call at home to ask about my situation, I always pretend that I am very good, the store business is very good. As the business deteriorated, my original insistence, the original dream, now feel so far away, as if really just their own dreams as never possible to achieve.

Gradually my temper became more and more irritable, I began to drink alcohol, drunk every day. As if every day is in the dream, the dream and the reality, are in a daze. A hot summer afternoon, I experienced as if after a century dream, I opened my lazy eyes, the corner of the eye to see something different from the usual, the original found that the paper on the table has been piled like a table of hills, the life of the boring Nai continued, I look at the newspaper, an inconspicuous corner of the news attracted my eyes, " Online entrepreneurship, the monthly income nearly million. and investment does not need to be very high, I think I should like now every day the muddle of such life, or should continue to their own entrepreneurial dream, at this time my heart that kind of point of the ideal fire, is now blazing, since then I began my own ideal road.

I do not have a computer, and I do not know a little about online entrepreneurship, I encouraged myself to say that I can start from scratch, so since I rented the house near the Internet café inside, and I am different from other network worms, I go to the Internet café is not the purpose of the Internet to play games, but in the conduct of a dream of my own, Is my dream for the pace of effort, every day I will stay is 8-10 hours, sometimes do not remember to eat, I will by the way in the Internet café eat box instant noodles, although very tired, but I feel very substantial, on the Internet to learn some relevant knowledge of online entrepreneurship, I feel that they have enough ability to start their own career.

2009 My college Student Entrepreneurship Network officially on the line, although only one to manage the college students Entrepreneurial network, but I do not feel tired, because I found the direction of their development. And at least 8,000 of the income per month has turned me into a successful entrepreneur from a failed entrepreneur.

Although I am now a college student entrepreneurial network is not very big, but I have been working hard, I also for my original a correct choice and feel satisfied.

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