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In order to rekindle the flame of innovation, creativity and learning, the leaders of start-ups need to make the work reflect humanization again. This requires the leadership to understand the meaning of scarcity, understand how it affects leadership and innovation, understand how to overcome weaknesses, understand how to recognize deficiencies, and understand how to fight stigma.

However, it is important to note that it takes courage to make work full of humanity. The direct dialogue company's weaknesses and employee shortcomings also exist a certain degree of danger. However, when we find out the benefits of the dialogue, it is as if the light was found in the darkness. The company's unity, vigilance, understanding, everything has the opportunity to return to normal.

1, understand the sense of shame, overcome humiliation

Feelings of shame, the feeling of intense pain caused by their own discovery of flaws, with consequent feelings of being untrustworthy and groundless, which in turn create a sense of fear. Stigma breaks our tolerance for shortcomings, which in turn reduces employee engagement in missions, reduces innovation, stifles creativity and lowers productivity, ultimately resulting in disharmony among teams. What's most horrifying is that before the team realizes the true mistake, the sense of shame can mask the whole team's eyes on things.

Blame, gossip, favoritism, addressing names and harassment imply that the team may have infiltrated the atmosphere of humiliation. Another very obvious sign of humiliation is that management often bully their agents, criticize other departments in front of their colleagues, and even publicly condemn them and set up an insulting reward system.

2, there is a bully in the office

The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Agency (WBI) defines workplace bullying as "constant abuse, obstructing others from completing work, verbal abuse, threatening actions, intimidation and humiliation." A survey of workplace bullying in 2010 shows that about 54 million workers in the United States have suffered workplace bullying during their work. Another WBI survey showed that 52.5% of employees did not stop being bullied after reporting bullying to their employer.

In a company whose management is dominated by bullying or humiliation, we need to rise up in defiance when we are invaded. If an employee endures humiliation, he is likely to vent his anger on the client and even his family. The consequences can be imagined.

Stigma will not only break the team's atmosphere of unity, but also reduce participation because of the self-protection of members. Employees do not participate, employees do not perform, employees do not contribute, employees no longer care about team progress. In addition, employees may lie or even plagiarize.

3, condemned the game

Condemnation is the easiest way to release pain and displeasure. We feel uncomfortable when we are weak, angry, hurt, and humiliated, and we need to condemn others. There are no benefits to condemning, but they can always be humiliated or harsh on others.

How to cultivate a humanized corporate culture

If "respect" and "dignity" are the top priorities of culture in an enterprise or team, it will find that the management of humiliation and condemnation does not work. Because in a dignified environment, people do not feel scared. We can not control human behavior, but we can limit unwanted behaviors and members by developing a corporate culture. The most important of these are: people.

Here are three effective strategies:

1. Support members of the leadership that can speak up and who can communicate sincerely with employees who can cultivate a corporate culture that is "anti-humiliating."

2, Practice found how "shame" how this management method will damage the company's operation.

3, regularization is a good strategy to resist humiliation. Business leaders and management can increase employee engagement by helping employees understand future developments.

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