Eric Liu Longtao: The bottleneck of internet banking security needs to be solved

Internet banking as the inevitable outcome of internet and e-commerce development, from the day of its emergence, the majority of netizens on its security has never stopped, in recent years on the Internet banking security incidents have also occurred, which further enhance the vast number of netizens on the security of the network of concerns, How to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the broad net bank users and how to solve the security problem of online banking is an urgent need in the development of our online > Bank.

Eric Liu Longtao: Online Banking "Customer" center should not stay in the slogan

The emphasis on product and service function has been the core of competition and propaganda of Chinese online banking. Throughout the current domestic commercial banks of the network banking business, whether it is ICBC's "wealth management e-Station", "Financial @ Home" and other service platforms, or "> Merchants Bank" a netcom "and other standard products, product functional improvement and technical advantages are always in the most prominent position of propaganda, the user's demand is still in the neglected corner ...

Eric Liu Longtao: Internet virtual currency advances in fog

With the continuous development of the Internet, many portals, network game operators in order to provide better services, very early began to provide network virtual currency for use. According to iresearch statistics, the current market circulation of virtual currency nearly 15 kinds, such as q currency, Baidu currency, NetEase bubble currency, Sina u currency, warcraft coins, paradise coins, grand silver piece, and so on, more and more netizens began to use virtual currency. Since the second half of 2006, the industry from all walks of life to the virtual currency of the discussion one after the other, the most intense controversy is nothing more than whether the Internet virtual currency will impact the legal status of the renminbi. ...

Liu Longtao: Foreign banks will borrow net silver to compete for China market

According to China's commitment to the WTO, starting from December 11, 2006, renminbi business began to open to foreign banks fully. With Citigroup, HSBC and Standard Chartered as the representative of the famous foreign banks have begun to act, in order to conduct the final preparations for the renminbi business, a Chinese-foreign bank of the market scramble has begun. Compared with Chinese commercial banks, the biggest disadvantage of foreign banks lies in the small number of business outlets and lack of localization advantages. In the face of four state-owned commercial banks rely on national credit and brand influence to establish an oligopoly position and to China Merchants Bank and Minsheng Bank as the representative of small and medium-sized joint-stock business.

Eric Liu Longtao: Who should be responsible for security incidents in online banking?

If three years ago in China, using online banking was as fashionable as talking about the latest Hollywood blockbusters.   Three years later, at least in the city, wearing slippers sitting at home, with a coffee in one hand, a small mouse to complete a transfer or stock trading, is becoming more and more common. Easy, fast trading features are like a deadly temptation, contributing to the past few years of China's online banking customers like spring grass soaring. In 2006, China's online banking users have reached 71 million, including 70 million of their personal customers, the market consultancy estimates. This means 2.

Eric Liu Longtao: Cracking the security of internet banking

Online banking as the rapid development of E-commerce and network finance, emerging things, it has been welcomed by netizens for its convenience and rapidity, but because of the frequent occurrence of security accidents on the Internet, the security of the net bank has been the most important reason for Internet users to be afraid or unwilling to try to use online banking. The theft of Internet bank user funds in China Construction Bank in March this year has added a bit of distrust to internet banks that were already full of security doubts. Online Banking security problems in the end is how, whether the vast number of netizens careless or the bank's technology is not ...

Eric Liu Longtao: Face the pressure and challenge the third party to pay

On the face of it, the price war faced by the third party payment enterprises in our country seems abnormal, but it accords with the objective law of the development of payment industry. The current Third-party payment market is still in the early stages of development, business and individual users of the demand has not been deepened, the payment of differentiated services enterprises have not been further excavation, which will inevitably lead to low-level supply can be magnified, and high level of demand is difficult to meet,   The special condition of supply and demand determines the emergence of the market competition for the irrational price war. Iresearch The market consultancy study that, although homogeneity of competition is brutal, ...

Eric Liu Longtao: On-demand payment bearing electronic payment development new highlights

2005 is China electronic Payment opening official year, 2006 is the Electronic payment shuffle year. This year to get rid of the simple payment gateway for the business development model of bondage, at the same time, in order to continuously upgrade their core competitiveness in the fierce competition, avoid the irrational price war due to the homogeneity of the payment products and services, the major payment companies are developing business models, innovative products and services,   Actively guide and nurture the vast number of users and merchants to spare no effort. The study found that China's electronic payment is based on the gateway payment-oriented enterprise application gradually to the industry to pay demand orientation ...

Eric Liu Longtao: "The heat of the stock market" caused the Internet bank to use climax

With the popularization of Internet and the development of e-commerce, the competitive advantage of online bank compared with traditional bank will make more and more netizens choose to use online Banking service, especially the second half of 2006.   30439.html "> in the fourth quarter the upsurge of China's stock market has greatly promoted the rapid development of the online banking business focused on investment banking. According to the latest online user behavior research of Internet users.

Exploration of Aivre em2c e-commerce model

In the past two years, foreign trade has become more and more difficult to do, many companies are at a loss.     And PPG and fan such OEM network direct mode of rapid development, but also allow many production-oriented enterprises to see the power of the network, so the birth of a new e-business model---em2c (Factory network Direct sales), Aivre is a company like this. Aivre is the Jiangsu Longhua Group, a shirt brand, for many years mainly for foreign markets, as early as two years ago, the foreign trade market began to shrink, so the target to the domestic market, just when they began to pp ...

Ah Q War, MO wipe gun fire

Last night, I aired my guest's "Chief Review" program, the theme of the Q-war, Ali and Tencent confrontation. To gossip, this is an old man "> Go back to the topic;" to the lively said, this is the advent of two horses horse race a trough difficult to tolerate two horse topic;   This is the topic of the world, and to the industry, this is the entrance has changed the mobile internet era must have a war of topics. Beauty ...

ZipCar: Industry subversive marrying a traditional car-rental giant reflects what

At the start of 2013, Zipcar, who prides itself on being at the forefront of global auto-sharing, announced that the company had been bought by Avis, a traditional car rental company, at $12.25 a share, at a price of about $500 million. All along, Zipcar subversion of the traditional business model has quietly changed the car sales and consumption tradition, and has been labeled as "industry subversive" label. Company CEO Scott Griffith Scott Griffith in 2006 Zipcar revealed the momentum of the development of the next ...

YouTube test for Business E-commerce

YouTube, which has a massive audience, has not been profitable, and has become a lingering pain in the minds of YouTube and old club Google. Chinese video sites are also in a similar awkward position.   But Google has never stopped exploring the profit-making approach since acquiring YouTube. At the end of last year, YouTube began its attempt to wade through E-commerce in the United States and Britain, launching a project called "Click-to-buy", which allows YouTube users to see the video and pass the dots ...

As Yelp's losses narrowed, the importance of moving ends was further underscored

Beijing Time May 2, 2013, the U.S. Review class O2O website Yelp (NYSE:YELP) reported the first quarter of 2013 earnings, the study found that Yelp's overall revenue continued to grow fast, local advertising accounted for a trend of increasing, and profit and loss, Yelp continues to remain in a loss state, But the loss margin narrowed. In the first quarter of 2013, Yelp's monthly average of independent visitors exceeded the 100 million mark for the first time, to 102 million, while the number of independent mobile devices used for Yelp per month reached 10 million;

YELP2013Q3 performance Forecast, market value is expected to continue to climb

U.S. restaurant reviews and Yelp, the local online business company, yesterday released its third "> Quarterly earnings as at September 30, 2013." In the third quarter of 2013, Yelp net revenue reached $61.2 million, an increase of 68% per cent from industry analysts ' forecasts, according to earnings reports. Yelp has gained more than 3 times times its market capitalisation since 2013, and its revenue has remained in the third quarter of 2013.

WIS password: A 1 billion dollar dream of a team

Written in front: This is the author in Guangzhou to WIS founder of an interview manuscript, in a clear morning, the first step on the land of Guangzhou, palm trees tall and straight, banana accompanied by a row, no winter city, especially fascinating. Wen/Liu Huafang College students are not reliable, when the entrepreneurial instructors and the noble media are exploring the topic of the two times, a Li Wenxiang team has created a millet-style miracle in the cosmetics field with the help of a micro-blogging platform, with the founder and his WIS team on a successful ship, Although they are not gorgeous ...

The Windows is more perfect than the disadvantages.

Always wanted to write an article on the "WINDOWS PHONE" press conference feeling article, but do not know where to start. Write the scene packed beauty like cloud? It's easy to write a life in a nightclub. This is not a fashion show, write on the scene of the dozens of mobile phones shine? I am not a product evaluation expert unprofessional things can not write. What does it say? & ">nbsp; until ... The perfect combination of question-answering community and electronic commerce

When you're browsing the Web or reading a magazine, and you love the fashion clothes of a model, do you really want to have it? Is it impossible to know where to buy them with a single picture? The answer: NO. website can help you solve this problem. As long as users posted a picture on the website, film stills and so on, and then asked "Where can I buy?" "And then there will be other users to answer you." Will ...

Web2.0 and the combination of electronic commerce "money" is boundless

Web2.0 and electronic commerce after the combination of "money" the immeasurable many Web2.0 site since the birth of the day has been for their own "money"-profit model and spread the cost of painstaking, rushing to toil, so far, the domestic several big live down and the scenery infinite Web2.0 platform are shouting "starts to the profit sprint" Slogan courageously forward.   Fortunately, there has been no shortage of "concept-born" funding for the Internet, which has created the greatness of the famous YouTube today. We absolutely do not have to doubt in the near future Web2.0 site ...

What has Web2.0 changed? Created what?

Recently has been concerned about web2.0, unavoidable if the web2.0 evolution path and realistic impact, then web2.0 was born 4 years, what has changed? Created what?   Comwit here from the media, individuals, enterprises three to share a little idea. First, from the media to the media Web2.0 was originally relative to the traditional portal concept, it is more representative of a user-centric service concept, not just technology. Since the media is a companion with web2.0 concept, to blog widely should ...

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