Property market cooling trend of SouFun crisis

In the past month, SouFun plunged into an unexpected crisis. Hangzhou brokerage joint search room listings first, as the search room port costs continue to protest prices. Subsequently, many agencies in Qingdao, Shenzhen and Dongguan all formed "wartime allies" one after another, unanimously cracking down on the issue of collecting fees for soufunking. In mid-June, Mo Tianquan, chief executive of SouFun, bowed to the agent and announced that he would lose 40% of the "port fee" and cancel the double charges on the computer and mobile terminals. Although the capital market is not optimistic about the bow of the search room, the stock price dropped to less than 9 US dollars, the market value shrunk by more than 30% within a month (Note: Search stock price near ...

Yang Ning into the potatoes commercial new youth made my fair share market

"All the successful people of Niubi people have ever slipping off." Among the "Business New Youth" that focuses on young people's entrepreneurship jointly created by Potato Fashion and Bazaar Men, But straightforward points. The 29-year-old Internet-cutting talent who became president of the youngest listed company on the Nasdaq brought hope and encouragement to the current hardworking reformers. The sound of melodious music, "free" Yang Ning mentality of a tranquil Zhiyuan, for young people to interpret the true meaning of success and happiness, but also tells his own sense of mission for the development of human civilization. As a list of entrepreneurs ...

Public comments: Resolutely maintain the content of objective and independent

Recently, the public comments United Shanghai Police joint crackdown on third-party speculation company, and resolutely maintain the objective independence of the content of the comments. It is reported that some Third-party hype agency by the police "extortion" charges and transferred to the public prosecution organs, the company was also ordered to suspend business. Since the hype reviews, professional evaluation of the third party hype, the public comment has been taking positive measures, in order to allow consumers to obtain more reference value of consumer information, but also to enable businesses to obtain high-quality operating ecological environment. Beijing Sheng Law firm director lawyer Yu Guofu that the third party hype agency and professional evaluation, in ...

Internet and streaming media in the end changed the media what?

The 90s of the 20th century was the golden decade of Chinese media. Whether it is television, radio, outdoor and newspapers and magazines, various types of media twice a year price adjustment window, 50% price adjustment is not uncommon. It is precisely because the consumer market is also rapidly growing, the brand often face the media prices, often can afford. This decade is also the international brands have entered China, establish a brand of period. This is a superstar era, relatively controllable media resources to create a big star. This is also the most glorious era of Hong Kong and Taiwan stars. Media competition is very rough, the television advertising competition is mainly CCTV, provincial and local stations of the game ...

The latest internet companies pay, the necessary reference for job-hopping

In today's increasingly homogeneous pay before, the Internet entrepreneurial companies of all kinds of exotic flowers and benefits to become their talent to attract the killer! Instead of complaining about other people's good welfare every day, take the opportunity to turn these into your own welfare! Small make up to all kinds of it people dedicated to the latest Internet company salaries and benefits, want to job-hopping must see! 36KR Salary: Product Manager: Monthly salary 10-15k Test development engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k PHP engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k front-end engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k operation intern: Monthly salary 1-2k fu ...

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