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Flash Web Game profit New model: virtual prop charge

Digging the net June 29 news According to foreign media reports, flash web games rely on advertising revenue has been severely hit by the recession.  Heyzap recently developed a new virtual goods system, hoping to help most flash game developers earn revenue through micro-trading. Heyzap's co-founder, Jude Gomila, says such systems have become commonplace in gaming platforms and social games, but are still new to flash games.  For game developers, it may mean a new opportunity to earn money. This system is very ...

Candid Camera! Overseas netizens modified Kinect additional helicopter

With the Kinect sold less than 1 weeks to crack, to attract the vast number of hackers to join the rolling crack modification of the tide has been for some time now, but everyone cracked the enthusiasm of the Kinect has not been extinguished, after the modification to the computer use and to the robot when the eyes, now turn to fully automatic helicopters.  The helicopter has Kinect installed at the top, which is used to sense the surroundings, then adjusts its height and avoids obstacles in real time. Let's take a look at how the master of the video has converted the Kinect into a shooting helicopter! (Digging the net) more games ...

Ningian as general manager of MIT Science and technology start-up magazine

Digging the net January 25 news before the "Entrepreneurial State" executive publisher Ningian, has recently served as the MIT "Science and Technology Entrepreneurship" magazine general Manager. MIT's Science and Technology venture, MIT's Marvell Review, was founded in 1899 and is now 110 years old and is the first professional science and Technology Review magazine in the United States.  The magazine focuses on emerging technologies and their enormous impact on business and society, providing forward-looking information and unique in-depth research and industry trend analysis for technology and business leaders. It is understood that Ningian to the Chinese media industry and private equity ...

June 26 Chinese online games concept shares: Online games virtual currency out of the new rules

Digging the net June 27 message for the network game virtual currency management faced with new problems, such as market behavior lack of supervision, user rights and interests lack of security, online game virtual currency use range of lack of restrictions, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "on the strengthening of virtual money management Network game notice." The "notice" for the first time clear the definition of virtual currency online game "online game virtual currency is the network game operators issued by the game users to use the legal currency in a certain proportion of direct or indirect purchase, exist in the game program, to the electromagnetic recording mode stored in the game enterprises to mention ...

"Civilization 5" player homemade World of Warcraft old Azeroth Map Package

Azeroth foreign powerful players have crafted an old Azeroth version of "Civilization 5" map. This map looks very helpful and it's full of familiar eastern kingdoms and Karim, Moonlight Woodland, Ash Valley, al-Gore crater and Flash plains, and so on.  Take a look at the screenshot below, the details of these areas and the mountains are well-made.  The early version was a little bit real and transplanted all the Impassable Mountains in World of Warcraft, and the new version took the hills instead of the mountains. Karim-East Kingdom (digging the net)

"Golden Kingdom" online giant network to enter the Web game market

Digging the net June 22 news giant Network announced today, the company's first web game "Golden Kingdom" official website officially online, and will be sealed in the near future. It is understood that the "Golden Kingdom" broke through the previous web game war strategy of the inherent form, into more role-playing elements, in addition to the traditional web game territory construction, the army offensive and defensive play, the game provides a wealth of diverse task systems, materials, equipment trading system and NPC hero form play,  Greatly improved the game of web games. As early as July 2008, Shi Yuzhu put forward the game community ...

Giant Network "Journey" Cancellation "Open box" function

Digging the net June 29 news in response to the Ministry of Culture and other recent virtual currency management of the new rules, giant network June 26 announced "Journey" free version will be canceled on July 6 "Open box" function.  It is understood that the current market most games have "open box" function. "Journey" official website on the evening of June 26 issued a notice, said that the box will be canceled on July 6 function, and suggest players in the transition period as soon as possible with binding and unbound key Open box function. Officials are committed to stepping up new gameplay and functionality. At the same time, according to the "notice" of the relevant provisions of the virtual currency, but also ...

The average salary of the Shanda network has risen nearly 20% again, ranking at the highest level.

Digging the net August 5 News recently learned that the implementation of "game management" two years of the Grand network, experience value to the staff of the cumulative annual pay rise has 14.7%.  In addition, according to the national inflation index, while maintaining the core position of the industry pay competitiveness, the recent royal network again through the annual pay and core position pay adjustment, so that all the annual average salary increase close to 20%, again ranked the industry's highest level. "Game management" launched the implementation of 2 years, "Your development you decide, your salary is also your decision!" "has become a grand staff promotion and development of the guiding ideology." Pass...

Qiming Venture Investment 5 million USD reinvestment game company Value Team

Digging the net June 17 news children game SNS "Moore Manor" operator Shanghai Rice Company recently announced the acquisition of 5 million of billions of dollars of venture capital injection from the VCS. Speaking of investment reasons, Qiming Ventures said in an interview with the net that the main reason for investing in the rice company was to look after their leaders and production teams.  In addition, Moore Manor's business model abroad has many successful examples, can prove that it will have a good development in China. Gan Jianping, Director general of Qiming Venture, said, "The core leaders of rice washing are from the well-known Internet companies, to the city ...

"The King of the world" popularity low origin operation "Wow"?

Digging the net June 9 news 10th "King of the World" will be the public test, but the reporter found that "King of the World," the relevant discussion area is relatively low sentiment, the industry analysts pointed out that this may be by the operation of the "wow" impact.  Reporter in 17173, many other well-known industry website game forum found, "King World" forum discussion of active degree and atmosphere far less than tomorrow Ultimate seal of Jinshan "sword Net 3". Industry insiders told reporters, in addition to the "King of the World" game itself, and the previous nine city agent operating the "wow" is not unrelated. Although the nine cities successfully agent ...

Grand Bull Plan Red Fudan to preach 300,000 starting salary to attract graduates

"Digging the Net News" Grand 2011 Campus Recruitment Fudan Forum site, has been for the general students of the "cattle plan" once again became the focus of attention, as much as 300,000 starting salary attracted all the attention.  There are a lot of non-fudan students, from a very distant place, only to understand the real face of the cattle plan. Related personnel introduced, the cattle plan the slogan is "Who is more cattle than I", is expected to recruit management and technical categories of cattle 5. Fresh graduates through the cattle channel was admitted, in addition to 300,000 annual salary starting salary treatment, but also by the Royal network ...

For Warcraft players will push the "most beautiful find husband" game

Digging the net June 13 news for the promotion of new online games, the major players have played a countdown. The recent grand online game in the upcoming launch of a "mysterious new tour." Countdown Sixth day screenshot of the new Game Countdown page intentionally provided mysterious clues, in the countdown to the seventh day is "person 2D version of Wow."  But the most eye-catching or countdown to the sixth day of the propaganda language "enchanting, the most beautiful woman to find a husband's game", the countdown to the fifth day (today) is "million people play field, PK most intense, the most exciting." Some netizens said the grand move is intended to Rob "Warcraft ..."

Fei Kairui will swim into the research range first rated as buy

Digging the net June 9 news to dig the net June 9 News According to foreign media reports, the United States flying Kairui Securities Co., Ltd. (Brean Murray, referred to as "Flying Kairui") will swim (nasdaq:cyou) stock into the scope of the study, the initial rating of "buy", the target price of 47 U.S. dollars. Fei Kairui said the tour is China's fast-growing online gaming industry, the most attractive companies, the company's main game "Tianlong eight" still shows strong growth momentum. Keep an optimistic outlook for the second game of the company scheduled to be released in the four quarter of this year.

Grand Music Self-made newsletter New media strategy goes further

Digging the net August 18 news Grand Music announced today, by its independent production of the electronic monthly "Music New Manufacturing" (Http://jx.sdo.com/mmaker) officially online. This is the Grand Music homemade video program "Who Dares to sing Superstar" after the launch of another "Cross-border New media" products. And this electronic monthly is also concentrated on the combination of Shanda group such as grand Music "Superstar" online K song, cool 6 Music MV, Friends of the Century wireless ringtones, seed music, such as multiple entertainment resources, innovative realization of "can listen to see can be seen to practice" "The new standards of entertainment." This mark ...

Game Orange June merged revenue 97.44 million yuan Year-on-year growth 68.7%

Digging the net July 8 news China games company Game Orange Digital Technology Co., Ltd. released its June revenue report today.  The report shows that the game of Orange June merged revenue for the NT $470942000 (about 97443000 yuan), an increase of 68.7%, the cumulative first half of the combined revenue NT 2691212000 yuan, the year-on-year increase of 42.1%, showing the success of the company's diversification strategy. In addition to the main game "heaven" and "Maple Valley" to maintain stability, the group's "Chibi", "absolute Wulin", "stars" and "Search ..."

More than half of the players choose to give up the "King of the World" nine city 200 million yuan emergency

Digging the net June 8 News nine City Company announced today, plans for "King World" investment 200 million yuan to attract gamers.  According to the survey, because of the "King of the World," the public test postponed, more than half of the players choose not to continue to wait, to find other games to play. Nine city said that all received the Nineth city sent "200 million yuan back to old users, at least 30 yuan per person" activities of the old users, will be 3D strategic round game "King World" value of 30 yuan point card, the deadline is June 20. At the same time, as long as the "King of the World" after the open test to July ...

The electric campaign hand counts a ball! Professional micro-exercise AI to show what is called APM

Teamliquid on a "StarCraft 2" play home galaxy editor made by the Automaton 2000 AI, can make people GSL s-level players can see the tears, God to play the operation is not so. This quite 7000apm of God's operation can absolutely make any player in the world shocked! To paraphrase the PLU master's sentence: this ...  This is a hair! 100 Puppy Punch 20 matrix tank More game information, please pay attention to play game network (digging the net)

The giant's first web game "Golden Kingdom" opened the test

Digging the net July 8 news, giant Network announced today its first web game "Gold Country" open technology seal test, Shi Yuzhu Test water web game of the mountain of the official debut. It is understood that the "Golden Kingdom" by the giant network lasted 1 years of independent research and development, on the basis of the war strategy, incorporating more role-playing content and innovative elements, in addition to the traditional web game territory construction, military and offensive play, the game provides a rich variety of task systems, materials, equipment trading system and Hero form play , greatly enhance the web game's tolerance, and strive to create a new generation of web games ...

"World of Warcraft" using the War Network account system issued a separate point card

Digging the net June 8 news NetEase today in the "World of Warcraft" temporary forum to solve some of the problems of players. NetEase said that "World of Warcraft" will use Blizzard Network account system, nine city account needs to convert to the Battle Network account before you can log in "World of Warcraft."  9C Pass, NetEase Pass and Blizzard's war network account is a completely different account system, so players do not have to worry about the same name. In addition NetEase said will be "World of Warcraft" issued a separate point card, can not use the current NetEase card recharge. "World of Warcraft" point card can not give NetEase currently operating other games to recharge ...

Giant release two-way promotion channel Shi Yuzhu like technology cattle people

Digging the net July 21 news, giant network confirmed today, has been officially launched to employees "two-way promotion and development channel." On the basis of the original management channel, add a special promotion channel for technical talents. That means the rumors that the "Giant's best research and development talent can be treated as Vice president" are about to become a reality.  It is reported that the giant has a focus on research and development of the tradition, Shi Yuzhu I also like the technical cow. It is understood that the company held an internal conference yesterday afternoon, the company's President Liu Wei, a number of senior executives, and the research and development staff attended the meeting, the official disclosure of the meeting ...

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